MRCP is an examination for doctors who interested in medicine.

MRCP examination is organized by 3 royal college of physicians.  Their website is

Like thousand of junior doctors who had interest in medicine, I decided to foray into MRCP exam.

I made my first attempt in Jan 2009 with the following preparation.

MRCP part 1 questions published by Pastest and using book by Philip Kalra.t

I failed the first attempt.

My second attempt is in May 2009 and it’s end miserable and also a failure.

The reason is the same and inadequate preparation and damn, I so lack of sleep and i;m sleepy during the 2nd half of exam (the exam is 6 hours long with 1 hour rest in between).

My third attempt in 2010 Jan sitting and I managed to pass the MRCP written part 1.

I contributed to 2 reasons:

Have 2 previous exam experience

And I subscribed the online examination website thus doing thousand of sample questions and past-years questions, and I am not sleepy.

Sometime in 2009 October, I decided to subscribed to Pastest which cost me 199 pound.(it’s worth it)

And from there on, I had attempted almost 1000 plus of examination questions.

I also follow all the online lectures series. I would Dr Philip Kalra who is the consultant nephrologist, give an excellent guide in nephrology topic in MRCP.

So, if you interest in MRCP and have the follow questions and I shall attempt to answer.

Q1: what are the fee of examination  A1: 536 pound per sitting

Q2: When can I take the examination?  A2: After finished 1 year of housemanship or foundation 1

Q3: When is the exam?  A3: There are 3 diet per year.  in Jan, May and September.

Q4: I afraid the MRCP questions ares so difficult, can it be so difficult?

A4: It’s difficult because it is exam to test aspiring physician.  HOWEVER, it’s also an exam only.

Getting familiar with the questions and with adequate clinical and additional readings and practice thousands and learning of questions and therefore, one will pass.

Q5: I’m a doctor and I’m very busy.

A5: I found that whenever I trying questions at Pastest, I learning additional knowledge on the subject. In fact, I found it very good and it’s fitted perfectly into our schedule.

You can tried any Pastest questions during a break in library, in oncall room and Pastest had a free iphone app which basically we can learning and while try the questions.

Q6: I plan to sit for next available exam and i don’t have time

A6: Don’t give yourself excuses. Just enrolled into the next sitting and paid with your credit card. Once you had enrolled the examination, you will find time to study and it’s motivated you.

SO, my message is simple, if you are thinking of taking MRCP examination, well, go to , created an account and applied for the next available exam.

And then subscribe pastest or onexamination and do and do lots of questions and hopefully we passed the MRCP.