The chronological order of Kangar flood 2010

(based on the eye-witness of this blogger)

30/10/2010 saturday –  Afternoon heavy downpour

31/10/2010 sunday – sun came out in the morning.  However, sky is overcast by noon, and started to rain. The rain will continue next 48 hrs. The sky was only cleared up on Tuesday noon.

1/11/2010 – monday – it’s raining day. Noted river at Kangar town centre was almost overflow.  Hospital car parking full of water. News of flood reported elsewhere in Perlis and Kedah.

Condition worsening.

2/11/2010 – News reported Dam is at maximum water level 30 m. Water will be released by 5 am.

Part of hospital low-lying area flooded with 1 foot of water by 6.30 am.

By 10.30 am – Roads at Kangar town centre were flooded.  Jalan Jubli Perak area was flooded.

Water had been risen very fast, by 2 pm afternoon,  the Dataran was being filled with water. Water had overrun the bridge.

Tmn Mutiara started to flood.


6 am – Electricity was cut off from my housing area.

Water covered most of the road, but the houses were spared.

Water level rising had stopped and maintain most of the day.


Water level started to recede fast.

At 8 am , 30 cm of water had decreased. By 4pm, it’s further recede another 15 cm of water.

Roads were drying up  in Tmn Mutiara.