It’s started to rain on 31 October 2010 around noon in Perlis. It was continue raining until 2 Nov 2010 morning.

I was oncall on 1st Nov 2010. News reported parts of Perlis were flooded. The water level at the river nearby hospital is rising rapidly. It’s shows no sign of stopping. By 2nd Nov 2010 6.30 am, part of hospital had flooded.

I came home and wash up and quickly return to hospital. By that time,around 8 am, the parking area was flooded. I parked my car in front of clinic and proceed  to do my morning round. After round finished,  I attended the clinic. By that time, A&E which is not far area from my clinic had been submerged in 1 feet of water.

I’m quickly drove my car out of hospital. Along the way, the roads around hospital are submerged in 1/2 feet of water. With luck I managed to drive my car back home. My housemate also driven the car home.

And around 11 am, we returned to hospital. By that time, Klinik Kesihatan Kangar which next to hospital was flooded. We walked carefully in the 1 feet deep water and slowly made our way to our ward which is just next to the KK.

And the flood was worsening. Water rise rapidly, by 2 pm, the maternity ward which located on ground floor are submerged in water.

I made my way home at 4.30 pm. The water is still rising rapidly. The water level overtook the bridge near our house. A group of unrelated people starts to gathers near the Caltech station which not far from the bridge.

The “Flood carnival”  had just begun.

To be continued.