We used the term DIL in the medical notes.

DIL which means dead-in-line are the process of informing the family members of patient regarding the serious condition.

The purpose of informing is vital because it’s enable the family members to prepare for the worst.

And during the process of informing, we seeks the family members permission on whether to proceed with active resuscitation in the event of cardiorespiratory arrest.

Selina, member of S.H.E, Taiwanese pop singing group, suffered 50% third-degree burn when mishap happened during filming a drama series in Shanghai.

News media are widely report the event. Unfortunately, they are failing to understand the severity of the event. They are still discussing the suppose wedding!

Selina’s father who appeared in the first news conference appeared to be calm. However, He unable to hide his emotion after knowing the dire situation of his daughter.

Burns  is difficult to treat and many people died from overwhelming sepsis.

The attending doctor must have have informed DIL to Selina’s father. This is standard procedure.

And let’s pray for Selina’s speedy recovery.