The ordeal of 32 Chilean miners trapped in the mine was over as they’re rescued.

meanwhile, yet another tragic mining accident happened in China.

As you have expected, the Chinese media are not going to report it.

The present China is governed by a system that based on the principle of why-is-important-to-the-communist-party.

Therefore, anything importance events and people which are important which serve the benefits of the party must be prioritized.

Party is above the Law and therefore any threats against it must be suppressed.

Communist party which claimed fights for the power of peasants has long forgotten their role.

Many miners are lower class workers from rural area. They are peasants who are able to make a comfortable living from farming. They’re looking for jobs which allow lucrative incomes;

Mining are the important sources of income for the peasants.

The Mining provides lucrative returns to the Party Top members whether they’re in the state,provinces or cities level.

The government turn a blind eyes to those accidents and occasionally, they’re showing they care about the miners, usually staring prime minister Wen JiaBao, which the communist controlled media eagerly portraying a kind and caring leader.