Another tragic news of bus express accident which claimed 12 lifes.

There are few reasons why the accidents happen and among all, the driver is driving too fast.

Just 2 week ago, I was traveling from Kangar back to KL in the night bus express.

I remember I was asked to switch to another express bus which bound to KL in the R&R Gunung Semanggol, North of Taiping and the distance between KL is approximately 280 KM.

I bound the bus around 1.30 am and it  had reached jalan Duta Bus station at 4 am.

It’s taking just 2 1/2 hrs, with means the bus is traveling at average 112 km/hr, the speed limit allowed for bus is 90 km/hrs in the expressway.

The modern express bus in Malaysia are favouring a double-Decker bus which had relatively high centre of gravity.Therefore, in the event of accident, bus often slammed into the divider of highway or just over turn, passengers were killed because the roof and the side windows which are suppose to protect the passengers were being ripped off and the passengers were either thrown out of bus or killed by the debris accidents.

It’s unfortunate event claimed many life, and the saddest part are many of victims are young people who majority are students.