I’m despise the present China government.

I’m despise the communist system.

And I despise the maker of the whole system and Chairman Mao Zedong, the Russian agent who join the party because he’s need the money and he’s a power crazy who single hand destroyed China very own culture.

The brutally massacre of student’s movement in  of June 4th 1989 is the worse example of this maligned regime able to do to the China people.

President Hu, himself is a classical communist leader who do anything to protect the maligned system. H plays the vital role in the suppression of the Tibetan people with name such as “Tibetan Butcher”.

The  communist basically screw the society, the order and the culture of the people.

China’s chinese are different with other overseas China’s people.

They’re caught, jailed and killed anyone dare to challenge the system;

Mr Liu Xiobo was jailed goddamn 11 years for the writing the dissident view.

China Democracy, not the gun n roses album, this is the genuenly China Democracy.

China needs changes and need it fast.