The practice of Chinese medicine in treating patient are commonly found in China, Hong Kong and in the places like Malaysia and Singapore.

In my own personal opinion and as a medical practitioner,  Chinese medicine is a dangerous practice and should have not being allowed at all.

The simple fact is the it’s not medicine at all; It’s totally devoid of scientific facts and the practice is based on books and views and opinions which exist before the science is born.

There are no  lab investigations, there are no imaging, there are no tools;

Furthermore, there are no acute medicine in Chinese medicine; There are no such thing as critical life support;  So, what if a Chinese sinseh is acutely unwell, guess where is she/he going to seek treatment

When a chinese medicine practitioner making consultation, he/she diagnosed patient by asking symptoms,perform simple examination like looking at patient’s tongue and palpated patient pulse.

It’s just too rudimentary to come to a conclusion with just touch and see; how about auscultation of the lungs and some blood investigation;

The  prescribed medicine is a mixture of herbs which are not known of its side effects in kidney or liver. This herbal based medicine can cause serious liver or kidney problem.

Unless there is a revolutionize change of Chinese Medicine, I strongly against the role of Chinese medicine in our heath care system.

We can live without it.

AND if you’s a fan of Chinese medicine, be careful;

AND if you wanted to study Chinese medicine, please do it as a part-time or hobby;

I was dumbfound when my Alma-mater is starting a course on Chinese medicine soon.

It’s Malaysia Boleh in this Bolehland.