Last friday, I had demonstrated and assisted my HO to insert a triple lumen;

It was almost 2 years ago, back at HDU HKL unit, my MO had shows me the way of setting a CVP line.

I guess I had become a teacher myself and I’m sure my HO sometime later will be able to do without assist.

Therefore, in medical field, many skills can be acquired given time and instructions; This is also include in the diagnosis and management;

With this routine of training and working, as time go on, a junior inexperience HO can be a skillful with procedure and knowledge medical officer.

But, there is a prerequisite


The readiness to learn from mistake, to be able to bear the insult from the seniors, the ability to compassion, to be able prevent one from burn out;

Even the best medical Universities graduates does not guarantee a good doctor.

A fresh graduate is like big chunk of diamond stone which just extracted from the mine.

To become an expensive commodities i.e a shinning diamond required careful and skilful technique of polishing.

Therefore, as a MOs or Specialist or Consultants, It’s vital that we teach our junior officer the right knowledge and the right attitude.

What is beyond salvage is the doctor with BAD ATTITUDE!