In the older day (not too long ago), one need to very smart to be able to study medicine or is rich enough to go overseas. With the liberalization of medical educations in Malaysia and with the additional recognized overseas medical degrees, study medicine had become a more affordable and a less taunting task.

Well, to study medicine is one thing and to become a good doctor is another thing.

There are various discussion in the forum and in the newspapers which complaining there are too many medical colleges and there are too many housemen and even worst , they are being produced  faster that the bunnies produced their offspring.

Can the MOH accommodating the number of new doctors?

Will doctors be unemployed when they were graduated?

I think we should not be worry if we had work hard in our study and in our training.

I perceived a UM or UKM graduate generally smarter than other private medical college graduates simply because the requirement of entrance to UM and UKM and USM are very very high.

Therefore, the quality of the raw material determine the quality of the final product.

The computer term is Garbage in and Garbage out.

But, hey don’t worry the above statement, one can still be transformed into a good product out off the rubbish, if the training is adequate and the candidates are hardworking.

So how we eradicating the fear of being unemployed doctors Or the fear We are not able to compete with other doctors?

That where a “Good doctor” coming in.

We should aim to constant upgrade ourselves with clinical skills and knowledge.

A doctor whom spend many hours of holidays and free time for holidaying or partying is definitely will lost in race.

So, I guess we can stop worrying.

Good thing that we have excess doctors, then many of them will have to go to East Malaysia since they have no choice.

See, there is a ready solution.

The quality of a doctor will be an important factors and in the long run, a hardworking doctor will have the upper hand.

So, I guess I can stop worrying!!!!