I was on call yesterday and on last  Saturday.

I’m never get bored with the on-call duty. But, I was tired at the end of the call, that is a sure thing.

I only have one patient referred to me on the yesterday night and it’s a case of a man who is a chronic heavy smoker, who had right side of his arm being weak for  week. The usual suspect is a stroke, and the CT turns out to be multiple brain metastases lesions!!!

When we inform the family, they are in great distress and obviously it’s hard for them to accept the facts.

But, this is the fact.  It’s indeed a life changing event to patient  and their family. Maybe the patient suffered less, as he is confuse due to the raising pressure in the brain.

And as a doctor, I try my best to offer cure (maybe not since it’s a stage 4 disease) and comfort.

Yes, we do need to comfort the patient and their family.  Where else they can turn to if they have questions and in need of answer?