Scientists are actively looking for a planet in the entire galaxy which look similar to our planet earth. So far, after much effort, they found stars bigger than the sun and so forth.

You bet they are looking for a earth-like platet or like Avatar’s planet.

They even believed the existing of aliens and sending the CDs material to the space.

I must said, It’s TOTAL NONSENSE.

People are fascinated by the stars and planets and the whole universe, yet the funny thing is we forgot our own backyard, our planet earth.

There will be no other place like the planet earth. Period.

Mass migrating to the other planets and time-travelling are just a sciences fictions and it is ought to be keep in book or in the movies.

We had forgotten how precious the earth can be and how little we do to protect from destroying it.

We allow oil drilling in the ocean and yet we forgot how to stop the spill from happening.

So little is being invest in protecting the earth and so little we know about our ocean.