The restoration of the Da Vinci’s Virgin on the rocks reveals new details and it’s reported that ” It also affirmed that Leonardo likely painted the entire picture himself and intended for it to be unfinished.”

Unfinished art work, how true, then we can improve it as we wanted to be.

Being a good doctor is like being an unfinished art work. It required constant upgrading and improving.

“Life long learning”  is my Alma mater motto.

As I had just completed my third years in the medical service, i realised that I acquired a lot of medical knowledge and skills as compare to the student days.

And it should be continue.

No matter what or where our interest is in, it can’t  run away from learning.

A good doctor is the one who picked up and read  a Clinical practice guideline and not the one satisfied with the knowledge that acquired during the school days or from daily experience.

The making of a good doctor started in the medical school and the product will forever remained unfinished and it is due t o the fact that the practice of medicine is improving everyday.