A tragedy leads to another tragedy.

This unfortunately event started when a young man from the same village was missing after swimming in the lake.

A rescuer party consists of 83 men went to find him and they did managed to recover his body.

A week after the rescuers went home, more than 10 persons fall ill with symptoms of fever and myalgia and  5 of them succumbed to the illness.

Today, the health minister had mentioned to the press that the cause of death are co-infection of meliodosis and leptospirosis.

The five victims 4 in their 50s and 1 in early thirties are diabetic patients which often a target of meliodosis which is endemic in this region.

Back in 2000,  An outbreak of leptospirosis in a group of eco-challenge participants in Sabah after they returned to their countries.

As a medical doctors, we should alway need to rule out in patients who had recent jungle travelling , often present with low platelet, similar to dengue, and with derangement of liver function and worsening of kidney function.

Early treatment is warrant. The 5 victims are believed to had delayed treatment.

In the mysterious illness in contributed to leptospirosis and meliodisis.

A website by Dr M Vadivale  blogged a similar incident occurred in Sabah 11 years ago.

Quote from the site “A 15-year-old boy died and 37 others from a village in Beaufort district have been admitted to hospital after swimming in a stream near an oil palm plantation over the weekend. This has sparked off alarm in Kampung Kebatu, about 115km from here, as villagers now are afraid to use the stream where they have been bathing for many years.”