Talk is cheap. That’s right.

The ministry of education wanted to scrap the existing examinations , UPSR and PMR examination for the betterment of the education system.

The present system are too examination orientated, students are too pre-occupied with exam and are not all-rounded, these are the few commonly used as the reasons for the changes.

So, then the questions will be asked, what are going to replace with?

UPSR can be used as a selection tool to screen the students who are eligible to go for Junior college and so for PMR, which allows the selections of students into art, commence and sciences.

If the system is abolished, then the selection committee had to rely on the school term exam is not a standardized test.

The lack of fairness will  lead to another controversies.

If you going to tear down a house, one must make sure that he has a place to stay.

I just hope what the government know what they are doing. ( I seriously doubt it)