It’s like the four seasons, it’s happened every years after the SPM results.

JPA scholarships were awarded to the individual who had a very good SPM results.

And every years, there are somewhere somebody who can’t get the JPA scholarship whom are bitterly disappointed, came out to press and begged for it.

I offered no solution to the problem in view of current situation in malaysia.

But I do have 2 messages for the SPM high achievers:

For those unfortunate one, don’t be dishearten; there are many options to get further study, PSD just one of them. If you want to study medicine, study harder and get a good result in Pre-U (STPM, A-level); If you are can’t get to Medicine or due to financial problem, then get a degree and work to save enough money to study medicine later in your life (my personal experience)

For those fortunate one, only one message:

DON”T BE AN IDIOT and run away, WE PAID YOU TUITION FEE and you must come back and serve the RAKYAT!