If you are into Malaysia politics, you must realize that MCA are really in the bad shape, nothing really good happening to them, from the censure of bakun reporting which turn ugly into firing of the producer (which basically a political disaster for the Senator-appointed deputy minister) to the appointment of son’s of President and apparently halting investigation of PKRZ.

Despite the very unhappiness among the issues, there is something to celebrate.

The forming of medical faculty in UTAR.

TARC and later UTAR play a very important role of providing affordable private college educations  since the formation.

Despite the formation of TARC was the answer to the formation of Independent University, still since inception, TAR graduates are everywhere and remain extremely popular.

With the approval of education and health ministry, the medic school start the MBBS program this month.

Here is the staff list.

Professor Cheong is the dean.

Hopeful in a few years time, UTAR will be able to be one of prestige private medical college in Malaysia.