Info apply for doctors working in MOH Malaysia

For us who aspire to become a physician,  there are 2 way of getting the post-graduate diploma, via master program or MRCP

Master takes 4 years – with specific rotations in various specialties

MRCP – 2 papers and 1 clinical skill examinations;

Both are not as easy as one thought;

Master exam – first year of master is in general medical ward; end of first year- first examination – combination of MCQ and clinical examinations;  it is pretty tough and many fail and required re-seat after 6 months;

MRCP – must know how to study and self-directed learning; also not easy; many MRCPians went  to Singapore  for specialist training.

Both are good way to get the post-grad basic diploma; Period of gazettement for master is 6 months and MRCP is 18 months.

By getting Master or MRCP,  doctor are allowed to call themselves as PAKAR, in reality,  they are just registrar;

Another round of training before one can call himself  PAKAR;