It’s pretty tired after a day at work.

But I guess it’s really worthwhile, after seeing your patient is able to speak to you after taking care of her for a month.

My patient, a teenage who was diagnosed of viral encephalitis after 2 weeks of fever and altered consciousness. She was ventilated and later underwent tracheotomy, complicated by pneumonia and after 2 weeks, she emerged from the coma and make a steady progressed since discharge from ICU.

She had a devoted mother who barely leave the hospital, taking care of her and sleep by her side at night.

After slowly weaning off oxygen, underwent physiotherapy and finally NG tube was removed, she finally able to speak, barely audible, just a few words ” doktor handsome”;

When I think about, it is really make my day. One of the greatest motivation one can get is to be able to see  your patient getting better.