I met a old friend today. She working as a medical products executive.

It’s remind me the good old UKM days.

The best thing happen during my UKM days are…

Meet a few but very good friends

Joining the Pesta Tanglung PT14, PT15 ,…..

Joining UKM buddhist fellowship, putting posters all over campus for 1 year, fetching Venerable Dhammananda to campus for Campus talk, Panggung Bodhi,..Common Class (friday gathering),,,

I must confess the longest lecture that I ever attend is the Common class;  Every friday from 12 to 2pm, I kept a date with class.

ABC camp = annual buddhist camp, in Penang Mahindaramma temple and in  Brickfield Vihara.

I learned a lot during the UKM days and I strongly believe it’s help me later in my pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor.

And,,,,BTW,,, Wesak day just around the corner.

Our great teacher, Lord Gotama Buddha has show us the way of be more happy, more content and more kind to our self and other people.

Everyone should celebrate the life, the attainment, and the passing of a great teacher.

So happy wesak day and for me, I shall try to do more pastest questions as possible. It is exactly 2 months away from  part 2  exam.