Ok……it’s over exaggerated.

I said it’s May, and it is the time for change.

So, all the medical officers of Internal medicine of Kuala Lumpur General Hospital will complete their respective rotation (training) and it’s also the time to start the new rotation.

I’ll be back to HKL and start my rotation in neurology department.

So, it’s indeed a journey of discovery of the field of hematology and in a relative new hospital (Ampang Hospital) and the good on-call western meals.

And after four months of training,  my knowledge of hematology is still very basic and well, at least I have an overall idea of treating hematology cases;

I had not done a bone marrow procedure and a successful lumbar puncture before starting the rotation;  I must said, I  doing the bone marrow aspirate and Lumbar puncture with much confidence and competence;

Time to move on…

I’ be back…I hope……..Well, it’s in my list…