If you are a good student and can score a very good 5A/4A in STPM or good CGPA in matriculation, then study at local Medical school may be a good idea.

Well, for the rest of the  aspire future doctors,  they can opt to study at a private local U or going overseas.

Unless you have plan to work  or to migrant to a foreign country, then study medicine at overseas may a right option.

But seriously, cost of studying in a UK or Australia is exorbitant and not anyone can afford it.

Study at a private local University may still cost ranging from 250,000 to half a millions, but it is still more affordable.

How about choose a “cheap” and at a foreign country?

Well, there are no such thing as a bargain.

If you want to study at the overseas universities, make sure it is recognized in Malaysia (if you want to stay in Malaysia);

Secondly, if you smart enough and have enough money, UK/Australia/NZ/India is a better choice.

If you have enough desire and not enough  brain power or money power to go to the above countries then.

Should your result is good enough to enter local private medical school, then please choose a local one;

If possible, try not to choose based on the cost. Good education does come with a price tag.

We are deserve to have a better medical training and education;

I am proud of my university and the training that had been provided to me.

Still, medicine is a life long learning.