The emergence of very unique Malaysia Chinese Culture?

Malaysian Chinese are Malaysian of Chinese ethnic who majority are 3rd or 4th generation of Chinese immigrants.

Malaysian Chinese are very patriotic so much so they often vote the opposition parties.

They are also very proud of the unique Manglish and a large majority is from “new village” which one can found only in Malaysia.

We can see clearly the MCC cultures in TV shows and movies.

A very popular cuisine show by Yang Jia Xian is good example of MCC. It’s not only a simple cooking and eating good food show, it actually depict lives of the people staying in a particular town.

The boxoffice Chinese new year movie WOOHOO which a production of ASTRO and Ah Niu’s IceKacangPuppy love,  the two movies are just so Malaysian, well , it SO MCC. Actors speak a mixture of dialect, Malay and English. There are nothing foreign elements in the movie.