She just like an average young lady finished her pre-U and waiting to start a college education. And then, a bout illness and anaemia hits her and change her life.  She was diagnosed of leukaemia and so, went through lengthy treatment of chemotherapy. And today she was just informed by the doctor that her bone marrow result still showing large amount of blast cells.  She just had been told that there is no cure for her cancer. She may receive cyclical amount of chemo to control her disease, ultimately, the system will fail eventually. And she is just 20 year-old.


Sound exactly like the girl in the movie.  In the love story, the girl hopes for a miracle and she get it, well she eventually fall in love and get married in a short time and live happily till the end.

That’s life I guess. I do hope she can still go for her college no matter what; it will be a good experience for her. Currently her condition allows her to go on (at least for a while).

Best of luck and May you be happy.