I read Atul Gawande book “Complications” when I was still a medical student. I reread the book again after becoming medical officer.

I realized and really understand what he is writing of putting a central line and so forth.

The stuff that a  medical school can offer is really inadequate. But then a med school can’t teach students everything.

It’s is due to the fact that knowledge and skills can’t be taught and the only way is to have hand-on experience.

Med school did taught mundane tasks like putting CBD and blood C+S; When I recalled my school days, I’m a bloody idiot who had failed the blood C+S procedure station in my first professional exam eon ago.

The acquisition of skills such as simple surgical skill – suturing is a must; able to set a line – subclavian or femoral or internal jugular is a must;  do able to perform bone marrow aspiration and LP are important and finally able to perform  advance life support skill which is “intubation” is a must;  I had almost learn it but left out the ALS;