I just checked my MRCP part 1 result and I managed to pass with a score of 613.

I browsed through my exam history:

First attempt = 414

2nd Attempt = 482

3rd attempt = 613

Passing marks for all three exams are 521.

I do make a correct decision by subscribe to Pastest.co.uk last October.

I do a bit of study first and it’s was painfully slow and finally I decided to focus on completing all past-years questions and various tests.

I followed all the audio PowerPoint online lectures.

The online lecture is very good and Pastest had added a new series of video-based lecture.

Yes, the result proved the effectiveness of doing lots and lots of questions.

There are only a few past year questions in this exam. But it doesn’t matter.

I think the learning process do take place and I do learn a lot from attempt the questions and read the following results and it’s answers.

So, I had only one advice for those who are sitting for MRCP, chance of passing MRCP is greatly increased by learning from Pastest or other online examination sites. And forget about the books, the contents are almost the same (unless you prefer to read from books)