You on way back after working for a 2 full days and only have 2 hrs of sleep.

You still fresh while on the beginning journey to home and to the bed.

Next thing is the sleepiness strikes you.

That’s the danger of post-call and it’s all because of lack of sleep.

I personally know two doctors had accidents after the on call.

The girl got a fractured of her arm and the guy gets an injury of his jaw.

No matter it’s a good or bad calls, somehow, it’s very rare to get a good night sleep, because the fact that we are on call. You get calls from nurses, attending cases, reviewing new admissions, informed lab result and so forth.

The Health minister just said a circular had been issued to allow doctors to get a half a day or something like that.

Just wonder when does it begin and being enforced by the department.

I hope it’s will be happening soon.