Not many doctors like on-call. However, it is a must so long one works in a hospital and in a medicine ward.

The call can be a good one, which is minimal incident, no patient desaturated, few admissions, less referral and with a couple hrs of sleeping time.

Bad one, patient collapse, there are so many admissions that extra-beds reached the door step, and with no sleep at all.

Can we change?

Well, we can’t change the fact that we all doctors must do call, it’s part of our duty and responsibilities.

So, what should we do so that we survived this  horrifying time of doing call?

I think it’s matter of setting the definition of good vs. bad call.

We just simply change the so call what are the things/event  of good-call.

We should redefine what actually a good call is;

Let set the criteria:

We made good correct diagnosis on the many admissions during middle of night, we managed to resuscitated ill patients, we worked as a team and so forth. Or even better, we made sure all patients under our care are fine through out the nights;

So what is a bad-call?

For the start, you screw up the management just because you make verbal orders to nurses and went back to sleep without seeing the patient, or ED admitted a patient who should had been reviewed and should have refer to ICU care just because we too lazy or tire or whatever reason to have a review.

Then, one might ask this question:  Then I will be a zombie-like fellow the next morning because I too tired.

So, took the pm off, that what the department should do, let the doctors go home early.