Well, i must said I had prepared for the exam.

This was my third attempt to pass MRCP part 1 paper.

For past 3 months, I  spend most of On-line time on pastest, a site offers tutorials and thousand of MRCP questions with a fee.

I must said the money was well spend.

I do have high hope and I wish i can proceed with my part 2 exam. If the result coming out on mid February,  I’ll have 4 months to prepare for the july part 2 paper.

It’s been a frustrating for me for past 1 year. The first unsuccessful attempt and the totally disaster 2nd attempt in may 09 were really do a lot damage in term of confidence.

I must said I managed to get use to the 2pm to 9pm exam schedule. I actually kept awake during the exam, not affected by the afternoon time sleepiness.

If I can pass, that will be the biggest Ang pow for me for the coming CNY.