In Malaysia, doctors are better paid than other professional.

A houseman can earn up to 4000 as compare to an IT or account graduate which around 2000+.

So, why doctors still complaining?

The problem is doctors are so proud of themselves.

They claims they works very hard. Well, I worked in IT before. I know how hardworking IT fellows.

So, the doctors end up complaining and if they don’t get their demands, they started to act.

This is not professional.

Don’t argue it.

Being a doctor should prepared to work hard; especially during on-call.

Don’t you forget that from 5pm  till 7 am, you are the shepherd of the lamb.

Sleeping is the last thing in one mind.

But seriously, just make sure patients go through the night.

And finally, ok,,,,, let  the doctor have day off post on-call.

Lack of f sleep do make bad doctors.