A quick search at google  reveal the meaning of miracle.

Miracle —–An event inexplicable by the laws of nature

Have you encounter miracle in your life?

No, I don’t believe in miracle.

Wait… just ponder for a second..

Miracle happening everywhere…

let’s take an example..


Let take a disease which cause so much mortality and morbidity,

back to 50 years ago, it may be a dead sentence for a young man who diagnosed of pulmonary tuberculosis,…..

But now, the widely available of antibiotics effectively provide a CURE…a miracle indeed,

Back to the 80s,  contracted AIDS is getting a dead sentence. There were no appeal for the sentence, you get weak days by days and soon died in bout of opportunistic infection. HEY …. wait a minute….. There are Miracles …. discovery of new anti-viral,  combination of with multiple drugs – given so call a cocktail therapy,  prophylaxis against opportunistic infection, safe sex, and so many more. Till today,  we are still waiting for two miracles, the available of a vaccine and a complete eradication of virus in the body….

Yup, miracle  is man-make.

We should work harder for our life.

Miracle don’t wait for lazy fellows.