I am absolutely correct of predicting the reaction to the news of setting TCM in local hospitals.

I myself, strongly against setting up of the traditional medicine department.

Somehow, the health ministry seem so enthusiastic.

I against the practise of chinese medicine are mainly they are not science based.

There is concept of poison, but no mention of bacteria, virus and other causes of illness.

Simply, the understanding of disease/illness is based on concept lay down by the physicians several hundred years ago.

In Chinese medicine, The examination of a patient is only based on palpation of pulse of hand and the general observation of face and skin.

The western medicine had expanded to various imaging technique and devices. And it’s supported by other mode of biochemical investigations.

The understanding of pharmacological effect of medicine is based on traditional medical herbal book.

In western medicine, the understanding of drug effect is at the molecule level.

Many of the traditional medicine contains  substances that can harm human body such as heavy metal. It’s even contains western medicine, especially steroid.

A case report in Singapore that a man had consume large amount of mercury after seeking traditional medicine.