Jimbo, my Alma mater lecturer had blogged this emotion-filled blog.

For us, patient is a just patient, there is usually a relationship existed between a patient and the doctor, whereby it is the duty of a doctor is find the diagnosis and treat the patient. A doctor usually formed this relationship with many many patients. And as the process goes on, the doctor tend to get more professional, and less emotion involved. This is why patient and their family started to complain why the doctors are so emotion-less.

Well, I see that that all most certain that all doctors are somehow affected.

What is the solution?

Every time I see a patient, I try to see them as part of family. A old lady, I regard her as my mum, a old man – my dad and so forth. In a way, it’s help a lot. It does help one to pay more attention and increased the emotional element in the relationship.