Not once, but the patients were amazed by the doctors in the ward. They’re noted their doctors were in the hospital day and night.

I felt happy and  kind of funny feeling whenever a patient ask how long we been in the hospital. As usual, i said we stay for on-call and after the call, we continued to work the next days.

Most of the patients are amazed.

Now, back to the issues which recently raised by some doctors.

As a houseman, you’re get  paid RM100 per call. I not really questioned the pay until I read the article that sitting in the clinic for 4 hrs can earned up to Rm320, wow that’s a lot and a big bargain, consider one need not sacrificed their sleep and just see patients for 4 hrs.

Anyway, just hope we got more allowance for the calls and thus more motivated lah…..

Well, I will have my first MO call coming Sunday…………wish me luck