I “celebrate” the month of August by watching a movie called “August Rush”. A fairly entertaining movie with a lot of good music.

1st Of August also marked the first day of 7th month of lunar calendar. Among the Chinese, especially Malaysian , Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan (China had break the  taboo) perceived the 7th month as month of hungry ghost, which many believe the gate of hell is open, the “good brothers” (* ghosts) are free looming for 1 month.

So, there are a lot of praying and burning “hell money”. Despite the date, 08/08/08, not many couples intended to get marry on this day. Except the communist China, who many of the traditional believes had been uprooted, celebrate the opening ceremony of the Olympics game.

Back home, my favourite China-press news daily, had the headline on  multi-vehicle collision accident, marking the beginning of a hungry-ghost-bad-month.