I like PBL.

It’s fun. It comprises of 2 sessions. One is to identify the key points of a topic or scenario given and the second session is the discussion of various points.

For example, a 55 year old man, a smoker, complains of severe left side chest pain.

From this very brief scenario, we can determine identify the problem of a man suffered from heart attack. So, identify the pathogenesis behind the illness. The anatomy involved, in this case, major blood vessel of a heart. RIsk factors for MI such as smoking and family history and so forth. What are the differential diagnosis? Cardiac Markers? What are the treatment for MI?

In fact, the same scenario can be used by a 2nd year pre-clinical  student, which focus on the anatomy, biochemistry, pathology of the disease. The fourth year students can focus on diagnosis and management of MI and so forth.

Then came to this part, the search for the various topics are usually divides to the members.

Internet is a good source for information. Emedicine and wikipedia can easily be the number 1 choice. Journals like BMJ, a good source.

But beware, some members may be a sleeping partners. The internet provided a source for cut and paste activities.