Every once a while, there were patients who were absconded from the hospital. Most common reason is they don’t want to pay the bills.

Usually they left without a trace and won’t not bring any problem.

But today, a very unusual case.

50 something yea-old man who had a very bad lungs, admitted for pneumonia and hypotension.

He had left the ward once on the second day of admission. But he was caught by the guard not far from the hospital compound. He was in bad shape, BP low, hypoxia and he’s lucky and was not harmed after  given oxygen and restart of his nor-adrenaline infusion.

And today it’s his second attempt.

After the morning round, he was allowed to off his oxygen and his IV drip to go outside of the ward for some fresh air.

AND then he vanished. Police report was filed and end of story.

………………….he’s back

Sometime during the afternoon round, PPK called out for help as he saw this Ah Pek was back. But in really really bad condition. He was sitting motionless at the chair outside the ward, not breathing.

We carried him into the ward and started CPR. Well, he got his pulse and breathing back and was intubated.

No one know where did he whereabout during the 5-6 hrs…….Did him return to hospital by himself or someone sending him back..

…..So, must watch out patient closely