International medical university (IMU) had published a guideline for it’s undergraduates which is called “Career Pathways for Medical graduates”.

You can download here.

The guildeline cover surgery, family medicine, paediatrics, orthopaedic , O & G and ENT.

For unknown reasons, Medical specialization was not in the guideline.

Here is the brief info, in medicine , there are 2 major routes: MRCP or Master in Medicine.

MRCP is very popular choice for medicine. MRCP part 1, part 2 and PACES are all conducted in Malaysia. Upon completing MRCP, 18 months of training before gazettement .

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Master of Medicine is 4 years master courses. The training is offered as in campus or out campus, which in campus, master student spend the first year training in HUKM, PPUM or Hospital USM for the first year training. The out campus student can choose one of the major state hospital for their training.

Master student will work just like any medical officer in the department and during first year, they are working in general medical wards.

After 1 year, master students are subjected to a written and clinical examination. This is every important in the master because it’s not easy to pass! The questions (I have not see any questions) but I was informed it is in the MRCP part 1 and part 2a level.  The clinical examination is only after one had passed his/her written exam. If the candidate failed to pass written exam, he/she is subjected to repeat the first year training.

If the year-one master student passed their exam, they will be post into different sub-specialist department which usually 3 monthly and by the final year, student will proceed undergo in campus training and complete a thesis.

Upon completion, training for 6 months before gazettement.

Well, more info should be seek from the specialists, registrars and MO before one decided to specialise.

And lastly,

for foreign doctor who interest to work in malayisa

you can assess this page

And regarding the master program, for foreign doctor must make inquiry to the universities for further info.