There are many problems related to JPA scholarships.

Malaysiakini had published an article by Mr KM and OY which address on issue that look beyond the quota problem.

I totally agree with the article.

I see the non-return JPA scholars are not being fair to the country and the tax payer money.

As i recalled when I was still in IMU and doing the phase 1,  I just overheard a JPA scholar (england bound) who stated her desire to stay at UK.

Well, one had it’s right to do whatever they want BUT the fact that she was on scholarship, given out by the tax payer money and not a free lunch at all. One are supposed to get the scholarship and come back to serve the country and it’s people.

I guess many people still having those fish-monger mindset.

And if you one of those JPA scholar who going to overseas to do medicine, which in case, your father and mother didn’t paid a single dime, please fulfill the scholarship requirement.