So, you’re all get the license to kill?    That what my prof said after we passed our exit viva.

More precisely, the patients were harm by the doctors due to their failures.

The doctors failed to:

1. make the correct diagnosis – failure to diagnose dengue

2. prescript wrong medications  – real case. Patient given ACEI for  CCF. Baseline creatinine 129 in April.

Currently admit and intubated in a moribund condition, creatinine 1000. 2 possibility,  ACEI induced ARF, or ARF as part of multi-organ failure

3. Failure to take appropriate action – patient BP is lowish, no adequent action.

All HO must know if patient is unwell and when to take appropriate action. for example, patient BP 90/60, run some fluid and call the MO. Patient developed tachypnoea, increase O2 by change to ventimask, get an ABG, if CO2 retention, call MO and refer anaest for ventilation support

It’s matter of we will do that determine the license that we’re carried.