When I saw my STPM result way back in 1992, it’s a mixed feeling. Well, my result is not the bad, got an A, 3Bs and a C. It’s a not a problem to gain place to local U. But………Medicine….at least  3A  and 2B.

So, I skip all the medical dramas, because it irritating me, I choose to study IT degree. I bury my dream deep inside my heart.

Life go on. I enjoy the campus life. I got my degree in 1997 and had a job at a local IT firm.

But then my dream never really died off. So,  after working for 5 years, I decided to quit my job and pursuing my dream.

Life go on again. I enjoyed being a student again.

And last year, I finally get my MBBS and start working again.

And by end of this month, I going to get my full registration.

I in my dream and still trying hard to perfect it.

I achieve my dream of becoming a doctor, now I was to perfect the dream,

Being a doctor is not enough, it’s should be a GOOD DOCTOR!!!!