Today is the first full moon of month of May. It’s a day the Buddhist celebrate the birth, the enlightenment and nirvana of Load Buddha.

The 3 evil roots, greed, hatred and delusion can be only be overcome of following Buddha teaching of noble 8 fold paths.

Buddhism has been a great influence in my life ever since my teenage years. In varsity years, I have the opportunities to listen and learn in depth of Buddhism. It’s a time when I have the opportunities to listen to the talks of Late Dr K Sri Dhammanda.

I still remember that this particular day, i was fetching Venerable back to VIhara after a campus talk at UKM.  At that time (1996), I was in year 3 of study of my IT degree. I alway had the idea of quiting study and take  up medicine. I ask Venerable the idea of study medicine.  Venerable did not support and reject  my decision  but instead he reminded me that ” one must have a strong determination to achieve one dream”. Well, i remember his words and it’s took me another 4 years to join medical study.