Ok, i was just managed to scrap thru’ the theory and practical to get my BLS cert!!!!

I recalled that chest compression to breathing is 5:1 in secondary school. 4 years ago, the ratio was 15:2, in 2005, ratio became 30:2.

Greater emphasis had been given to chest compression over breathing. In fact, minimally interrupted cardiac resuscitation (MICR) had been proposed as alternative. A paper indicated that “survival-to-hospital discharge increased from 1.8% (4/218) before MICR training to 5.4%  after MICR training ” .

So, chest compression is a paramount task in resuscitation.

I just wonder, it’s that a device to assist chest compression. After all, It’s a tiring process.

A quick googling, an automated device which  is already in clinical trial. But the result was disappointed. It’s conclusion states Use of an automated LDB-CPR device as implemented in this study was associated with worse neurological outcomes and a trend toward worse survival than manual CPR. Device design or implementation strategies require further evaluation”.