I wonder if there will be another 10 admissions during the night?

The temporary beds are reaching the ward entrances. I guess the row of seats can at least let some of the patients to have a seat while wait for the discharge coming morning.

I was really puzzle why people likes HKL some much so they don’t mind stay in such environment. It’s hot and humid, oxygen tanks stood beside the beds, some time it’s made a loud noise when it was accidentally knocked down. If you had watch “Atonement”, in which one scene depict wound soldiers treated in the ward hospital, my ward basically like that. Well, some patient relatives shocked to see the ward and request a second or first class ward, well too bad, those places are alway full or at least wait for one or two days.

New hospital like Serdang Hospital, which really it’s third class is equivalent to a HKL first class, but it’s left empty.

Obviously, HKL Is the old and trusted “brand”. It’s official, HKL got the title from Reader Digest reader.

BUT seriously, despite the ever busy setting of the ward (chaotic sometime) , reassure that the nurses, PPK and the doctors are working hard in taking care of the patients. My bosses are really hard working,  makan medicine and tidur medicine kind of doctor. Guys, HKL indeed a better choice.