Just the other day, on a meeting, the bosses were discussing that some On-call MOs had not actively managed patient and the results were patients conditions deteriorate.

I think whenever a doctor is oncall, one should remind be readily sacrifice sleep for the sake of patient.

Normal on-call start at 5pm and it’s usually end at  7am next day. Precious 14 hrs.

Thinking about it. the duration is very short.

I think we should be think in common sense. When we on-call, we are the one who going to take care of all patients under our belt. You had been given the task of JAGA them for merely 14 hrs.  So, while sleep is precious commodity, one should remember, the wellbeing of patient is paramount.  HOs are usually reluctant to kacau MO in the middle of night especially for reviewing cases. Fault lies on both sides. One is try not offend, the latter failed to give a clear message that if one in doubt, one should call.

So, let lose some sleep over the call, rather than lose patient.