It’s the time for millions of Chinese to have right to choose their government.

The Chinese live in the Republic of China, that’s Taiwan, had exercise their right and choose their leader for the next four years.

Meanwhile, the other big part of China still being ruled by a party which it’s ideology is based on a foreign-philosophy book, still rule the country with iron-fist.

Despite some of the disastrous  misrule of the country 4 decade ago, the current economy prosperity had ensure the rule of Communist party to be continue for a long while.

But I predict the single party rule in China will end someday and follow by the break-up of provinces. Unless, the restructured of the political system in China.

The poor peasants, in those remote areas, are the very first people who bring the communist to power, should have more saying on the government. If not, just like the previous dynasties, peasants rise up and overthrown the corrupt government.

In Taiwan, it’s occurred with changing of government without a single blood shed.

Can this happened in China?