I thought I heard from TV series House on the important of getting the correct diagnosis and thereafter, the management will be a fair affair.

How true!!!!

Having switch to medical posting in less that 2 weeks, I see the paramount task of pinning the diagnosis.

Sometime what resemble a harmless may prove fatal.

I’m was to be translator yesterday for a Chinese patient. The patient presented with history of suggestive a syncope attack. She was ok and by the afternoon, she’s just collapse with cardiac arrest. We had missed the opportunities of treating her.

That one more case today. Despite rigorous resuscitation, patient passed away due to DIVC which precipitated by a septic shock, which was presented with signs of hypotension for past 24 hrs.

Those events is terrfying me.  I just wondered it’s could happened to the patients that I take care off. What if I dismissed some symptoms that the patients are telling me? and in the process, we left the patients conditions deteriorated.

Now, practicing medicine really becoming a challenge task.