There is a Singapore TV drama called “making miracles”, depicts stories of a group of doctors of saving life.

Do we really need miracles to save life?

In my short career, I can surely declared that miracles do not happen in medicine or in fact, every singles things under the sun.

Do you think a miracles occurred on a man who is on verge of death, before resuscitated and bought back to life?

The miracle (if one insisted) occurred because that the present of emergency personnels, the equipments available and the timing of the event.

Do you think a man who is diagnosed with advanced CA recovered?

Most of the time, it’s the wrong diagnosis.

many year back, I ask a Hospis doctor, whether present a case whereby a patient whom refer to Hospis eventual recovered. Well, that one case, a Lung CA case turn out to be a TB!!!!!

The rigorous research, the advancement of science, evidence-based medicine adn many more are the real miracles of medicine.