Life needs motivation.

Just the other days,  during the labour room, I was assisting a fetal distress (moderate meconium stained liquor with fetal tachycardia).  My MO basically just cut through the uterus (approximately 2 minutes) get the baby out of the womb.  The paed doctors received receieved the baby and started on resuscitation.

And we continue closing the womb. I got worried after a while when I had not listed to the cry of baby (I alway expected a baby’s cry soon or later) . I turned and noted doctors are busily intubate the baby.  Oh! Crap~!  not again, this lady had a dead baby 6 yrs ago. So, for the rest of the remaining op, kind of sad and depressed.

Finally the op was over and as I exited the theater I looked at the condition of the baby.  I saw the baby is pink, breathing, eye open and uncomfortable with the inserted EDD.  My mood just shot up. ( baby was intubated and extubated in the Op theater and has an Apgar score of 10 at 10 minutes). Baby is fine afterall.  Last check, baby is observed in SCN without required any oxygen.

Well, even writing the blog, recalling the incident can make me happy.

Definitely, it’s motivate me to do better.

p.s. I write this after reading Jimbo’s blog on his patient who drastically improved under his care. It’s sure a source of happiness for him.