I was a IT worker five years ago before decided to make the decision to become a doctor.

And after working in a hospital for past 7 months,  I found out that one of the biggest difference of my old job and my new post is the existing of ON-CALL.

Everyone looked forward weekends and holidays.

IT people do have on call but it’s occurred only during a new system was just implement at a site and not really a daily event.

But keeping 24 hrs nursing care is the role of hospital and doctors are part of it.

I not sure that I can find someone who really enjoy doing call.

People tend to get anxiety (like me) before call. I named pre-call syndrome. The mood of the day/days before calls is alway hampered by the thought of the long hrs of working ahead.

And the PCS settled on the on-call day itself. I tend to get a rush of adrenalin which help me “enjoying” the call.

If the call was bad, there were alway a blame game among the doctors? Who is Jonah?

My college said her MO ask her to take a break from labour room, as she told her “you’re Jonah”..

But one thing that I enjoy is post-call. The feeling of accomplishment of tasks/responsible…